Permaculture Design Certification

Pikes Peak Permaculture Design Certification

Since the early 1980s, permaculture has been taught through hands-on courses – PDCs – with experienced mentors handing down their knowledge to passionate students. Because this is a “design system” with a holistic point of view, fledgling permaculturists need to invest some serious hours in learning all aspects of human habitat and seeing how these elements work together in a design. The word “certification” simply means you’ve met standards set over the past 35 years by permaculture masters. There’s a lot more to becoming a permaculturist than reading a book or looking at a website! Are you ready to change the world?

Current plans for offerings from PPP in 2017 include several intensive hands-on workshops for such diverse topics as  aquaponics, lasagna gardening, beekeeping and more.

In 2018 the PDC classes will be a “Permaculture through the seasons” offering, with classes for one weekend a month for 8 months. When classes are convened, a listing of course topics that will be covered is shown below.

More information on the 2018 classes and schedules will be forthcoming as things are firmed up, so bookmark this page and check back periodically or contact us to be included in our mailing list (contact information at the bottom of this page).

Permaculture’s Philosophy is one of “working WITH nature“, and of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than premature and thoughtless action. Permaculture design techniques encourage land use, which integrates principles of ecology and applies lessons from nature. It teaches us to create settings and construct ecosystems, which have the diversity, stability, and the resilience of natural ecosystems. In the spirit of sustainability, it also teaches us to allow natural and designed ecosystems to demonstrate their own evolutions.

Course Topics

  • Permaculture Ethics & Principles
  • Ecosystem Patterning
  • Organic Food Production
  • Alternative Economics
  • Microclimates
  • Forest
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Full Loop Waste Stystems
  • Alternative Building
  • Earthworks for Water Management
  • Secrets of Building Soil
  • Site Analytics
  • Creating Integrated Systems
  • Animals in Small Systems
  • Cold Season Growing
  • Water Catchments

More Information: Please call Becky Elder (719) 685-0290 or email


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