2024 Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture is ethics based design that applies principles to address challenges between people and the environment. As we know, challenges abound. In the next few decades we will need to reskill more of the population faster than ever before in human history. Much of what permaculture has to offer is part of that reskilling. We can design human habitats that are resilient, redundant and that provide for our needs. 

Our course follows the curriculum by the Permaculture Institute of North America. Permaculture design certification requires 72 hours minimum of student participation time. This course is heavy on the ethics, principles and design aspects of permaculture. We cover many techniques that are useful in design. Students learn about whole systems and how to design a real existing site, working together in teams through the course and presenting their design on the second to last weekend. The certificate does NOT mean that you are certified to teach a PDC or that you have all the tools and skills to be a professional Permaculture designer. The permaculture design course is the foundation; students still need to build the walls, roof, openings, finish, and landscape. We have tools to help with this. 

Meals (lunch during course weekends) are community style and prepared by the course students on a rotational basis, this helps us to keep the overall course costs down, we work with everyone to make sure that this is ok and that no one is put into a position of hardship by participating. Pikes Peak Permaculture provides ample snacks. Well behaved and monitored children are welcome at all course weekends with advanced discussion and agreement. 

We will be running our course over 9 weekends beginning in March and ending in September. We will be at various locations within El Paso County for the duration of the PDC with one or two field trips planned that are within 2 hours of Colorado Springs. Our course fee is: $1550

 We have 5 spaces for work trade at a reduced course cost. We also offer an early registration discount of $200. This means that if you register by January 15th your course cost will be $1350. 

We limit the course size to 24 students. There is more interest than ever in this training. If you have a desire to participate please get signed up early so you don’t miss out.

Class Dates:

March 8th, 9th, 10th 

March 23rd, 24th 

April 13th, 14th 

April 27th, 28th 

May 18th, 19th

August 10th, 11th

August 24th, 25th

September 14th, 15th

September 28th, 29th

In June and July we have a series of tours, hands on activities and team time. These dates are to be determined.

As mentioned above we follow the curriculum by the Permaculture Institute of North America. Topics in this curriculum include but are not limited to:

Introduction to Permaculture, Ethics and Principles, The Local Ecosystem, Patterns and Pattern Application, Climates, Biogeography and Microclimates, Design Methods and Process, The Home System, Water, Earthworks, Trees, Forests, Plants, and Cultivated Ecologies, Animals, Aquaculture, The Built Environment, Waste and Bioremediation, Appropriate Technology, Design for Catastrophe, Urban Permaculture, Broadscale Landscape Design, Design for Invisible Structures, Economic Systems, Access to Land, Ecovillage and Neighborhood Design

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