Determining the Tuition
Full tuition for the Winter PDC is $1,550. A $100 nonrefundable deposit is due with registration and counts towards tuition. Tuition can be discounted for paying in full early ($1,400 paid by Nov. 1.)

Lump Sum or Installments
For those who can pay in one lump sum, tuition for the course is payable in full at the appropriate deadline. Pikes Peak Permaculture is willing to break full tuition into installments for those who need the cash-flow assistance. Tuition can be broken into five installments of $280 if you register before Nov. 1. Payments will be due the 29th of November, December, January, February and March.

Work-Trade Scholarships
If you need to reduce the total tuition, one way is to work on our PDC crew in trade. We can offer a limited number of $600 scholarships for local work-traders who perform 60 hours worth of tasks. Some tasks need to be done in preparation for the PDC, some to be done during the course. Some hours can be earned working on other PPP projects. Deadline to apply for a work-trade position is Sept. 30!

The work we need includes meal coordination, hands-on project coordination, administrative and program assistance.

Click here to apply for a work-trade scholarship.

Other Financial Assistance
• Ask friends and family to help with tuition, perhaps as a birthday/holiday scholarship fund or in trade for your future Permaculture expertise.
• Approach an employer or other business to sponsor you for this continuing education/training experience. We can help you with sponsorship letters and ideas.

For more information on financing options, email Becky Elder.


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