Welcome to the Donations page for Pikes Peak Permaculture, Inc.

Your donations help Pikes Peak Permaculture do the good work in our Pike Peak Region.  All monies donated to Pikes Peak Permaculture are tax deductible and used wisely.  Monies are used to educate our community on permaculture skills through our Design Certification Courses, mostly in the form of scholarships for those wanting to learn Permaculture and deed some help to afford the tuition.  In our six permaculture certification courses, since 2008, we have certified over a hundred local permaculture designers!  Your money also goes towards supporting on-going  sustainability classes that run throughout the year: rain water harvesting, vermiculture, forest gardening, the basics of permaculture, animal homesteading and many more. This money helps support other local non-profit organizations which we feel are pivotal to community resilience and who are partnered with Pikes Peak Permaculture, like Concrete Couch, Flying Pig Farm and Studio809.  Donations can help support local permaculture projects within our community like demonstration gardens.  Should your community or group want an educational permaculture presentation, please feel free to contact us!  Our goal is to educate our region on sustainability and permaculture skills.  Please give generously if you are moved to help support our organization and activities!  
Pikes Peak Permaculture is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, EIN # 45-4139060