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Permaculture International: Permaculture Certification-Australia

Permaculture Certification-New Mexico
Permaculture Credit Union
The Permaculture Journey: A Diary
Green Mountain Permaculture: Permaculture Certification-Vermont
Three Sisters Farm-Pennsylvania
Permaculture Certification
La’Akea Permaculture Gardens: Permaculture Certification-Hawaii
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Planet Organic New Zealand

Permaculture & Natural Ecology Training

Hobbit House
SunnyJohns, Subterranean Heating & Cooling
System for Solar Greenhouses
Oakhaven Permaculture Center
Workshops, Internships-Colorado
A wealth of permaculture links
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Soil Food Web, Inc.
Soil Testing, Soil Biology
Open Permaculture
a space to network, post articles, news, events, and
more for the permaculture community.
Hugelkultur pictures
Cosmic PC
Permalearners-United Kingdom
Permaculture Action-Learning Online

Common Circle Education
Permaculture Design Courses -Common Circle Education offers permaculture design courses focused on community building

Sustainability & Natural Building

Permaculture Pages
Promotes resources relating to a
broad range of sustainable
development topics
Great Eco-Links
Green Builder
Green Building Resources
In Context
Journal of Sustainable Culture
Cordwood Masonry
Earthday Network
Pattern Language
Natural/Alternative Building
Photo Gallery
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Building Businesses
Environmental Vehicle Rentals
Catamount Institute
Spiral Works-Vermont
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Sterling Planet
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Information Service
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Lama Foundation
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Her Native Roots
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Forums, Link, Exhange
Masonry Heater Assoc. of North
The Natural Step
The Earth Charter Initiative
Culture Change
The True Food Network
Internetwork for Sustainability
Zillions of great links
Sustainable World
Appropriate science and technology for
sustainable life on planet Earth
Foundation for the Economics of
The Tofte Project
Earthflow Design Works
The Artistry of Ecology
Regeneration Show
The Art of Sustainable Living Show
Sustainability Resources
Info Light & Living-Colorado

Peak to Plains Alliance-Colorado

The Peak to Plains Alliance was formed to showcase some of the most notable locally owned food and agricultural businesses in Southeastern Colorado.

Online Magazines

Online Metropolitan Agriculture

Growing for Big Profit on a Small Parcel of Land. According to a recent Census of Agriculture, the most productive farmland in the United States is in the Borough of the Bronx! The second most productive farmland is in the City of San Francisco! You can earn up to eight times the average personal income on as little as one acre of land. You can be male or female, old or young, married or single. You can lease, own, or rent. You can succeed with small fruits on prairie beach lands, house plants in costal valleys, flowers on steep wooded hillsides, vegetables in city greenbelts and ornamentals in neighborhoods of million dollar homes.


Seeds, Plants, & Supplies

Abundant Life Seeds
Certified Organic Seeds
Seeds of Change
Organic & Heirloom Seeds & Plants
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Organic Fertilizers, Growing Supplies
Cooks Garden
Heirloom Seeds
Seedsavers Exchange
Heirloom Seeds & Plants
Ricks Garden Center-Colorado
Organic Fertilizers
Ricks Nursery-Colorado
Fruit Trees
Gardens Alive
Organic Fertilzers & Pesticides
Home Harvest
Discount Organic Seeds & Garden Supplies
Baker Creek
Heirloom Seeds
Victory Seed Co.
Heirloom, Open Pollinated Seeds
Nichols Garden Nursery
Heirloom Seeds & Plants
Environmental Seed Producers
Wildflower Seed, Organic Herbs
Hard to Find Plants
Comstock, Ferre & Co.
Americas Oldest Seed Co.
Florabunda Seeds-Canada
Old Flower Species
Underwood Gardens
Open Pollinated/Heirloom Seeds
Blossom Swap
Great Seed Swap Site
Swap Seeds
Online Garden Club
Fungi Perfecti
Sandhill Preservation Center
Heirloom Seeds & Poultry
Prairie Nursery
Wildflowers & Native Grasses
Wildseed Farms
Wildflower Seeds, Native Grasses
High Country Gardens
Southwest Plants
Rittenhouse Tools
Hard to find garden tools
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Territorial Seed
Organic Seeds & more
Gurneys Seed & Nursery Co.
Beneficial Insects
Mountain Crest Gardens
Succulents, Alpine Plants
Seeds Trust
vegetable, wild flower, native grass and
herb seeds for a sustainable future
Inside Passage
Seeds & Native Plant Services
Plant Variety Protection Office
Protected Seeds (Don’t buy these)
Native Plants Propagation Database
Horizon Herbs
Herb Seeds, Herbal Recipes, Extracts

Milk Ranch Specialty


How To Identify Trees

Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!

Plant Databases

Plants for a Future
This is a resource centre for rare and
unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses.

Tree Identifier
Purdue U. New Crop Database
Tom Clothier’s Garden Walk
Germination Database
Plants Database
This database was collaboratively
developed by
gardeners around the world
Woody Plants Database
USDA Plants Database
Indoor Plant Database

Other Databases

Food & Agriculture
Organization of the United

Colorado State University Coop
Gardening Advice
Wikipedia (Free Encyclopedia)
Organic Gardening Info
Organic Ag Info
Organic Agriculture Information
Links Galore
National Agricultural Library

Soil Building

Happy D Ranch
Worms & Bins
Wholesale Worms & Bins
Worm Digest
Soil Food Web
All About Soil
Fungi Perfecti
Mycorrhizal Source
Remineralize theEarth
Seer Centre
All About Rockdust
Rock Dust from Utah
Sea Agri, Inc.
Soil Renewal from the Sea
Natural Multi-Mineral Fertilizer

Colorado Native Plants & Seeds

Applewood Seed Co.-Aurora
Edge of the Rockies-Bayfield
Rocky Mountain Rare Plants-
Western Native Seed-Canon City
Milk Ranch Specialty


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