The Pikes Peak Permaculture Guild comprises all the certified permaculturists graduated from our various Permaculture Design Certification courses. The Guild also welcomes PDC grads from other parts of the world living in the Pikes Peak Region.

The Guild is a great resource for anyone in the region who wants to connect with permaculture. Members are available for consulting, design and hands-on work at your homestead, school, church or other organization. They are also very willing to barter and trade! Want to transform your home into a real garden – we can help!

Guild members are eligible to use the local People’s Exchange Pikes Peak website. To take advantage of this enter your password:

For more information on Guild resources or permaculture, email Becky Elder or call (719) 685-0290.

Pikes Peak Permaculture is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, EIN # 45-4139060


Bau Kin Pollick
Becky Elder
Beth Green
Brian Scott Fritz
Byron Walter
Carol Ann Chase
Chris Veronin
Christine Faith
Christine Weise
Crystal Bliss Lardy
Clare Thomas
Connie Romero
Courtney Farrell
Craig Cantrell
Dan Smith
Deb Dewey
Debra Neeley
Denver Hayes
Don Chilo
Elise Rothman

Ila Quinn
Jayme Domejka
Jeanie Taylor
Jerry Santiago
Jo Marini
Joanne Pavlis
Joe Hatcher
John Conner
John Hoag
Joy Walter
Judith Rice-Jones
Karen Montgomery
Konrad Schlarbaum
Kyle Katsos
Larry Norman
Linette Weise-Perschke
Margaret Schuster
Maria Plafcan
Mark Phelan

Melissa Absher
Naomi Ironwing
Nichole Johnson
Nicole Nicoletta
PJ Douglas
Rhonda Thompson
Robin Shankman
Robyn Madsen
Roni Holton
Sara Foster
Scott Harvey
Shaunti Lally
Shawn Boltin
Stephanie Ward
Steven Saint-Thomas
Terri Skiba
Trudy Thomas
Vikki Walton
Wesley Santiago