Although many of us may understand intellectually and feel  (have a sense of)  the lack of authentic sustainability of our current cultural infrastructure (food systems, energy systems, economic systems…), and see the overall momentum of our national and world infrastructure moving rapidly in this direction (globalization, greater consolidation of corporate power), few of us truly know what to do about it.

Fortunately, in the past few years, there has been a rapidly growing cultural movement that is emphasizing the need to re-localize community resources in order to achieve a real and authentically resilient and sustainable state as well as to lower/minimize our collective carbon footprint.  There has been emphasis on local food production, the use of local currencies to enhance the resilience of local economies, the development and use of local energy and transportation, etc.

Still, most of us have grown up and  been so enculturated into a high energy-use and modernized mode of existence that it seems difficult to imagine, let along implement, a deeply and real re-localized community environment.

We all need to come together and play and learn about how to do this.

This is what ‘The Re-Localization Game’ is!  The Re-Localization Game is a coming together in a playful, open environment in which we can realistically examine and take imaginary practical steps in order to:

1) eliminate the multiple destructive influences of corporate influence in our community


2) to then creatively play with how to locally replace the  products and services needed and wanted in our communities.

This will not only give us a sense of empowerment in actually building within ourselves (both individually and collective as a community) the ‘archetype’ (idea pattern) needed to actually bring this into manifestation, we will also see how this step (the re-localization of needed and wanted products and services) can and will develop an authentically resilient and sustainable (meaning it lasts forever) economic infrastructure in which the local community actually employs its local citizens.

Please contact us for more information on the Re-Localization Game!