Work trade is a way we can offer a small group of people an opportunity to take our PDC at half of the full price of our course. Work traders help us hold the container of the PDC by assisting with the many tasks that come with holding this kind of event. We have 5 work trade positions available.

3 of the 5 are kitchen positions. Good food is crucial for learning and it is important that our kitchen is well run and students, teachers and support staff are well fed. We maintain 3 positions for the kitchen as there will be lecture or activity time missed for lunch prep by the kitchen crew. Each day there will be 2 work traders assigned to the kitchen duties with the 3rd taking good notes during the lecture or activity missed for lunch prep. These will rotate daily. There are grocery store trips involved as well as menu planning with the students of the PDC. Good communication skills are a must. We have a need for 1 timekeeper. This is a full position in and of itself. Our timekeeper is very important. This person is ideally punctual themselves and has enough of a voice to get the group back together after lunch and activities as well as signaling teachers when they get near their instruction time limit. This position requires some flexibility as occasionally the schedule changes a bit and time changes may be needed. The timekeeper may be called on to fill in or participate in other ways as well. Our final work trade position is materials and other physical tasks. Ideally this person has a truck or other cargo carrying type vehicle as we have materials that need to make it from location to location. This position also helps with class materials such as getting the tech set up for slideshows, setting up the library, handing out class materials, and all other material tasks as needed. The materials person may be asked to perform other tasks as well.

Each of these positions will require some time outside of the class window. There are tasks in the days leading up to the start of the PDC as well as times during the months that it runs that you may need to assist with position related tasks.